Digimont's Fusion Tracker

I have joined forces with Digimont who has created a ton of extremely powerful Excel spreadsheets that we are slowly starting to incorporate into this website. He has now upgraded his Hybrid Fusion Tracker to one that will work for all Fusion events and automatically update everything when a new event is going on. It is a tracker to monitor your progress and aid in your decision making. If you have Microsoft Excel, click the button below to try it out and let us know what you think!

Open in Microsoft Excel

How it works

• You can save the spreadsheet locally. Each time you open it, it will automatically update the event schedule, but will keep anything you record in it.

• Blue background cell = data entry

• Pale yellow background cell = dropdown menu available

• Depending on your Trust Center settings, you may need to Enable Editing/Content in Excel. The scripting contained in this file may NOT complete correctly on the initial opening. If that happens, save the sheet to your local drive and open it again.

Fragment Fusion

Ruel the Huntsman Fusion Screenshot

Hybrid Fusion

Stage 1 Screenshot
Fusion Schedule and Progress Screenshot

Champion Fusion

Stage 2 Screenshot

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