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Digimont's Shard Pull Simulator

Another one of Digimont's Excel spreadsheets is ready! It is the nicest shard pull simulator that you will ever use. It is so much cheaper to satisfy your addiction to pulling shards in this tool than doing it in game.

Open in Microsoft Excel

How it works

• Simulates 2x and 10x events

• Auto-updates the current event information and available champions, including exclusions

Coming Soon

• Win one legendary, get another

Screenshot 1


1. Depending on your Trust Center settings, you may need to Enable Editing/Content in Excel. The scripting contained in this file may NOT complete correctly on the initial opening. If that happens, save the sheet to your local drive and open it again.

2. Fill in how many shards you want to pull at a time in the "Qty" column next to each shard type.

3. Click the cowboy to draw!

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